Civil War Buckles & Civil War Plates Both Dug & Non Dug

Keemakoos Civil War Relics & Antiques : Civil War Buckles & Civil War Plates

*Sold* 1a. Beautiful South Carolina State Seal Shoulder Belt Plate c.1845-1861
1b.Non Dug Confederate South Carolina Small Oval Belt Buckle
*Sold* 1c. Dug Civil War New Hampshire State Militia NHSM Large Oval Belt Buckle
1d. 1850's Pennsylvania Militia Shoulder Belt Plate
1e. Non Dug Mexican War Era Heavy Silver Washed Rectangular Militia Shoulder Belt Plate
*Sold* 1f. Spread Wing Eagle Globe 1840's New York Militia Buckle On Its Black Leather Belt
1g. 1839 2-Piece US Artillery Plate On Its Buff Leather Belt With Its 1832 Foot Artillery Sword & Scabbard
*Sold* 1h. Beautiful Civil War New York Militia Cast Brass Sword Belt Plate Buckle
*Sold* 1i. Beautiful Silver Plated Copper Eagle, 1776, & Unity Is Strength 1820's Hat Plate
1j. Rare Dug New York Militia, Gen. Staff, & Cavalry Officer c.1837-1845 Sword Plate
1k. Non Dug New York Civil War Cast Brass Sword Belt Plate
*Sold* 1l. Civil War SNY Buckle On Its Original Maker Marked Leather Belt
*Sold* 1m. Rare Dug New York Militia Waist Belt Plate

*Sale Pending* 1n. Philadelphia Home Guard 2-Piece Sword Buckle
*Sold* 1o. Beautiful Early Civil War Regulation Officer's m1851 Eagle Sword Buckle & Belt
1p. Sand Cast Massachusetts Civil War 2-Piece Sword Buckle Tongue
*Sold* 1q. Civil War NCO m1851 Applied Wreath Eagle Sword Buckle On Original Leather Belt
*Sold* 1r. Beautiful Uncleaned NCO M-1851 Eagle Sword Buckle Applied Silver Wreath
*Sold* 1s. Dug Puppy Paw Civil War SNY Belt Buckle Battle Of Manassas