Gilt Cast Brass Massachusetts Militia Sword Belt Buckle

Gilted cast brass Massachusetts Militia sword buckle. It is listed in O'Donnell's buckle book as Plate 700. It has sharp detail which suggests a follow-up strike in a metal die after the initial casting. This follow up strike might explain the circular raised disc found on the back of original Massachusetts sword buckles. I mention this because I have handled a number of fake Massachusetts sword buckles and none of them had the raised disc. O'Donnell states the original design of this buckle may date back to 1861-1865. He lists the date of manufacture of this buckle as beginning in c.1865 and continuing into the Indian War period. I was showed one of these dug buckles about 15 years ago at a show. The guy said he dug it in a late war site but it was not for sale. That is the only dug one I have ever seen. This buckle has much of the original gilt remaining. It has its original applied crude long narrow tongue. All the real Massachusetts sword buckles, I have seen, have the same type of crude looking long narrow tongue. This buckle is bench marked 492. It has plenty of finishing filing marks and a great uncleaned patina. The back has some period pounding marks from when the curve was put into it. The bottom right corner of the plate has a small bend to it. It measures 56 mm's x 89 mm's in size. $1195